About Foods Reborn.

Welcome to Foods Reborn. This is the place where you can learn new ways to explore delicious and healthy recipes. We are primarily focusing on publishing South Asian, American, European, Middle east foods recipes, although we are not limiting to that. We sharing fresh and flavourful healthy recipes which are available around the world.

Here is what you will find on Foods Reborn:

  • Asian, European, American, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and Middle East countries delicious recipes. We are not limiting to those countries, we also publish any delicious and healthy foods recipes.
  • Vegetarian or non-vegetarian food guides.
  • Non-vegetarian including meat, seafood, we never interesting Insect recipes.

Many people think that cooking is a hard thing and boring, but you can make it your hobby. So you can surprise your family members.


How Foods Reborn was born.

After we got married, as a new couple we started to explore new cooking recipes. We like to eat new foods. Instead of ordering them, we started to cook and tested. So as a handbook, I started the Foods Reborn in 2020 and started publishing recipes that we tested on this food blog.

About the Author.

I’m Chathuranga and I live in Sri Lanka with my lovely wife Erangi. We both love exploring new foods. We live close to Colombo (the capital city of Sri Lanka) and I write this blog as a hobby. Both of us explore new cooking recipes and we make new recipes. So we are recipe-makers too. 😀

When she is in a teenager, she started cooking with her mother. With her, that experience, now both of us explore new yummy foodies and sharing with you.

If you are interested and found new content in this blog, feel free to share our recipes post URL’s with your friends and family. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at any time using the contact form.